Friday, February 15, 2013

Can It Stop Already?

I can honestly say that when we made the prayerful decision 7 months ago for John to have major knee surgery that we had no idea the events that would follow. While neither of us wants to relive the past few months we are grateful for the lessons we have learned, for the many blessings we have received, and for the fact that we are stronger as both individuals and as a couple. There have been many sacrifices which we keep to ourselves. We have also learned to be more humble and be willing to ask for help from others. For this I am grateful.
The downside is we have learned who amongst our friends truly cares enough to ask us how we are doing. To ask do we need anything? And more simply to say hey we are keeping you in our prayers. To those individuals you know who you are I want to say thank you!
This past week has emotionally drained me and John both. There have been many tears shed, feelings of being a failure, of being terrified to get a job where knew things will be learned and failing at them. Theres so much more that is so very personal that I won't share publicly. If you want to  know you know how to contact me and you can ask and I might share. Lets just say I have learned a lot and some of what I have learned about people has made me sad and I again will be careful as to who I trust..
I will end with this...Im done with this trial. Can it just Stop Already?

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  1. You know when things get hard around here it's then that I realize that I am really good at making associates not friends. I have a really hard time letting anyone get close enough to me that they would notice when I am having a hard time. This move I've been trying really hard to change but it is so hard. Sorry things are hard for you right now. Hopefully they improve soon!