Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally an Update

Life has been a bit crazy for us. I did finally make an outfit for our dog Sophi. Hopefully I am able to load one on here. I found that I had to add a collar on it because otherwise she is able to wiggle out of it..I made one without and a second one with. Its crazy to think that our dog has to have a sweater because she gets cold. Today she has been so cold she was huddled on my lap under a blanket with the sweater on. At the first part of March right after my birthday we went to Oklahoma City to spend time with my family and some friends. As is usually the case the trip wasn't long enough. But hopefully we will be able to make a trip back soon..So the airfare needs to quit going up dang it. While we were there we went to the zoo and took two of my nephews with us because Jackson was sick and Tiffany had to take him to the doctor. John and I had a blast spending time with them. Oh how I have missed them. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there. We are greatful for all the help we got from my family friends and Johns dad in helping him get his surveys done for his Capstone Project. This is his final step in finishing his masters, and at the last minute we needed help getting the survey completed.
I have gotten serious about quilting and am working on two right now. One is closer to being done than the other and hopefully next week Im going to make a trip to one of the Fabric stores to get what I need to finish the top of one of them.
Im loving being in Primary. For the first time in a while I look forward to going to church. My class is full of active children but they make me smile every week.
This is Sophi in the second sweater I made for her
My nephew with a bird on his shoulder. His little brother wanted nothing to do with his lol.