Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What to see in Reno

As John and I were driving home from Utah yesterday, we started to talk about the things there are to see and do here. I decided that I needed to give you all a list of things there are to see and do here to entice you to come visit us. Yes we do expect visits, and we don't want you to wait to see when and if we have children. This morning I did some research and compiled a list of things to do and added it to the list that John and I made yesterday. Some of these are things that happen once a year, some are seasonal and some are year round. Some of them are in towns that are an hour or less drive from us. I was surprised at how big the list was and I left a lot of things off. If you have questions on any of it feel free to ask. We look forward to each and everyone of you coming to visit. So without further adu here's the list.

1. Lake Tahoe of course
2. Mormon Station State Historic Park
3. Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center
4. Nevada Discovery Museum
5. Wild Island Family Adventure Park
6. Great Basin Adventure
7. Arboretum at Rancho San Rafael Park
8. Sierra Safari Zoo
9. Nevada State Fair
10. National Automobile Museum
11. The Balloon Races
12. The Air Races
13. The Best in the West Nuggett Rib Cookoff
14. Bartley Ranch Park
15. Bowers Mansion Museum
16. Chollar Mine
17. Comstock Firefighters Museum
18. Glendale School House
19. Great Basin Adventure
20. Golfing and lots of it
21. Mills Park Railroad
22. Nevada State Railroad Museum
23. Radio Museum of Virginia City
24.Sparks Heritage Museum
25. Steamboat Villa Hotsprings Spa
26. Stewart Indian School Museum
27. Virginia and Trukee Railroad
28. Jazz Festival
29. Blues Festival
30. Art in the Park
31. Chamber Music Festival
32. Skiing
33. Camping
34 Reno Rodeo
35. Street Vibrations
36. Hot August Nights

If I haven't given you enough of a list of all the great things there are to do here then well I will be back with list number 2.