Friday, September 16, 2011

Sophi our crazy energetic loving dog

When we put Cheyenne to sleep I really wanted another dog and J and I had talked about it. Talked about getting a small one. However I knew the decision was up to him. Im so glad we made the decision to adopt Sophi. She has been a wonderful addition to our home and yes shes our "child" until if and/or when we have an actual child of our own.
Over the past several weeks and with much thanks to my mom for getting me started, I have been walking 2-3.20 miles just about every day. Some days I go to the gym and others if I go early enough and IF its cool enough I go walk around the Sparks marina. Its two miles around and right now im at once. Mainly because I bring Sophi with me and even though I could handle twice she can't haha.
This morning I had to force myself to go. I didn't go yesterday and knew I needed to go today. So after I made sure John was up and out the door Sophi and I headed out. I don't know who was more ready me or her. I have found that she LOVES to go on walks and shes really good on a leash. I had J get me a retractable one for several reasons and for our walks together it works really well. Anyway after our walk, after I gave her water( shes odd and will only drink water from her dish or the dish that my in laws set out for the dogs) for the second time the first being at the half way point, I put her in the car. As I headed home this is where she decided to go in the car and ride.As soon as we got home and after I turned on our cooler she laid down on the couch and has been crashed out for a couple of hours like this

I think next time I take her we will go earlier as she was ready to quit at the half way point. She is getting better and only barked at one dog and made friends with several others.

I don't know how she knows, but she knows when I need love and during the day she stays right by my side. I just wish she wouldn't get me up at all hours of the night. Some of you may ask why my wonderful husband doesn't get up. Well the simple answer is he sleeps really soundly now that he has his cpap machine and that makes it hard to get out of bed. IE he has to disconnect himself. And besides if he knows I have had a rough night with the dog he lets me sleep..

One off the subject comment. I have purchased two Cd's as of recent. One of them is called Women of Faith. Its a compilation CD of several female LDS singers. Its wonderful. The second one J bought me as a surprise. Its the Lady Antebellum new album and it is awesome as well. So there's my recommendation.

Other than that life is back to normal. We are very glad J's done with school and he has started working on finishing the laundry room. I will post pictures when its done!