Saturday, February 6, 2016

Our New Journey

When John I were dating we were very open and honest with each other. I knew before we were married that us having children the old fashioned way was going to be very difficult if not impossible. But that didn't stop us from hoping. We are very blessed to be an aunt and uncle to 8 wonderful children who we get to spoil and love.  For six years we have been praying to find out what Heavenly Fathers was for us in expanding our family.
In November the answer came in an unexpected way and to each of us separately.  We started our journey towards adoption in the middle of December.  We are in the process of becoming licensed Foster parents so we can adopt a child from the foster care system. John has been down this road before and sadly it did not end with the child he and his first wife hope to adopt. People have told me to think of it as being pregnant. This process we are going through is long and its very hard. We have to open our lives to complete strangers who are going to judge our ability to be parents. We have wanted to throw in the towel a couple of times. The only thing that keeps me from quitting is knowing this is what my father in heaven wants.  Its exciting and very scary all at the same time and Im grateful for all the love and support we are receiving.
We are currently at the end of our 30 hours of classes and still have to turn in paperwork and have our home study.  Ill keep you posted