Monday, January 31, 2011

Carrot Cake and a New Arrival

So lots of good things going on with us right now. First off, I decided last Sunday that I wanted to try to make a Carrot Cake that was more Diabetic Friendly that the ones you find at a bakery or a store. So I went online to DiabeticLiving.Com ( I think thats the website) and found one. It has about 25 carbs per serving which is a lot but not as much as if you have a regular one. I had a blast and it was very Yummy and Yes I made it from scratch.

Our next bit of news is that we adopted a new dog. We have named her Sophi. John and I talked a lot about whether or not we wanted to get another dog. In the end I told him I would love another one but it was up to him as to when and if we got one. On Saturday morning he went online and found a dog that caught his interest. She was a bigger dog, slightly smaller than Cheyenne was but he decided he didnt want to go look at her on Saturday. Well yesterday he said he was going to "go get a paper". Well 20 mins later I got a text with a picture of one dog and then a few mins later he sent another with one of Sophi. He then called and said I needed to drive down. So I did and we decided she needed to be part of our home. Shes 4 and came up to Reno from Las Vegas. Shes a Fox Terrier Jack Russell Mix. So far shes very mellow. We have to work on her not eating our food and getting her to tell us when she has to go potty but so far shes wonderful. She is potty trained its just knowing when she has to go out. We have found that she is small enough to get threw our front yard fence so we have to watch her carefully. Below are some pictures of her.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


As some of you may have heard, last night (Wednesday January 19th) John and I had to make the difficult decision to have our beloved dog Cheyenne put to sleep. John has had her since she was about a year old and she was a dear pet to both he and his first wife Katrina. I had grown to love her as well in the year and a half since she has been in my life. Tuesday night we took her with us when we went to the gym. She would ride with us and then wait in the back of our truck. When we got home and had her go out to go potty before we went to bed. As she came back in she slipped comming in the door. It took a minute but we got her in the house. That night she didnt sleep and was very restless. I woke up at 3:30 am and let her out again and then took her out at 6:30 when I got up to get ready. When I got home John gave her a couple of her favorite treats. At around 11am she went out did her business and then came in and had a big drink. For most of the rest of the day she slept. She had a look like she didnt feel good and wasn't really acting herself. When John got home from work and when we couldnt get her to eat what we knew she would normally eat we called a vet that lives in our ward and he said to take her to the after hours animal hospital. We did and after the Vet looked at her she said more than likely she had a brain tumor and because she was 17 years old the best thing was to put her to sleep. I will miss her dearly and so will John. She had a way to make you smile when you were down. Rest in peace baby girl. We love you and will miss you always.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Exciting News!

Before anyone jumps to conclusions NO I am NOT Pregnant! LOL. John and I are comming to Oklahoma City and will be there March 5th to I believe the 9th. We wanted to stay longer but to do that would have cost us about $300 more. I miss my family and friends dearly and have been bugging him for a while for us to take a trip back. And since things at work have been beyond crazy and stressful for him, we decided a few weeks ago to go ahead and take the trip. I may have done some major arm twisting but after the stresses I have gone through the past few months I need family time.
In my last posting I indicated that I had a new calling in Primary. I am now a Co-Teacher for the CTR 5 Class. Sister Laster and I will trade off weeks that we teach. Im super excited about this change. I have no stress and have found joy in a calling for the first time in a long time. Our ward has a very small Primary but we have some very special kids.
The other fun thing is that I am going to get practice being a mother of a two month old and a three year old for the next two weeks. My friend is having to work this month of January in order for her insurance to cover the recent birth of her daughter. And since Im not working she asked me if I would mind watching the kids when her mother in law went out of town. So we will see if I have it in me LOL. Seriously I have been around her kids and they are both a joy to be around so im excited about it and a little extra spending money won't hurt either.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


As many of you know back at the end of September I was called to be the First Counselor in our Wards Relief Society. At the time I was very overwhelmed but I jumped into it head first and worked very hard. I prayed for guidance and made every attempt to serve to the best of my ability. The last few months have been very challenging for me. My poor mom and husband have had been my rock and sounding board. For that I am truely greatful. Today after many months I was released and put into Primary. There are those I worked with who think they know the reason why, however what they think is not the case. The reasons are not important but I know I did my best.
I would like to share what I learned. I am a much stronger person than I thought and I have learned to stand up for myself even if it means stepping on toes along the way. When I have prayed for answers and guidance and I get the answer DO NOT try to tell me that my answers are wrong. Second, ruling those you are serving with an iron fist, can smother their spirit. This is what happened to me. Those of you who know me well know that me not wanting to go to church is not who I am. Sadly this had become the case. I didnt like the person I was becomming and I was miserable. I hope the President I served with learns the lessons she needs to learn, I hope she is able to grow in the ways she needs. Sadly I cannot be the person to help her.