Tuesday, October 23, 2012

3 Years

Today we celebrated our three year anniversary. My day didn't start out very well. I dropped my ipod that I have had since before I got married in the toilette (long story don't ask) at 5:30 am. I did my usual worry session which meant I didn't go back to sleep, remembered the rice trick did that and tried to sleep. Finally it was time to get up and shower so I could go to my WW meeting. I got up went to my meeting and was down again this week. The meeting was great. I have a great support group every Tuesday and they really are becoming my friends.
This afternoon we went to the temple. About three weeks ago my friend Marie who joined the church a year ago told me she and her husband were going through the temple and being sealed today. When I told her it was our anniversary she had a look on her face that was priceless. I told her I was honored and that we would be there. It was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary this year. With all the challenges we have had regarding the future and other things, it was nice to be reminded of the covenants we made three years ago. After the Temple we went to dinner at a local Italian place. It was the perfect end to a great day! Neither of us can believe its only been three years because it feels like we have been together for much much longer and yes in a good way.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Johns new toy

Ever since John had his surgery and probably before that, he's been looking to get a larger Lathe. The one he had works fine but it doesn't work to make larger projects. Well a couple of weeks ago he finally found one he liked that didn't cost an arm and a leg.  Well today it came. He was like a kid in a candy store after he got it all set up. The only problem? He didn't have anything to make today. I will try to post pictures soon. So what did he do in the mean time? He tore down the rain gutters from over our garage, and painted the trim. We are going to replace them ourselves because its a short span and we don't feel like spending $500 to have someone do it when we can do it ourselves.
The other thing he's been working on is my Laundry hamper. Its being made out of wood we either had, my father in law had or we bought from the Habitat for Humanity store. Im super excited. All he has left is the lid and to paint it. it will be nice to be able to hide my laundry. We have also cleaned out our side shed. Its so nice to know what we have and where it is especially since our camping and emergency stuff is out there.
Theres lots of little projects being done. We know Heavenly Father has a plan as far as his job goes whether thats with UPS or another company has yet to be seen.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Busy Summer and more

We have had a busy few months. In June we made a trip to Utah to attend my nieces blessing. It was so nice to see my parents and two of my siblings. I wish we lived closer to one another so we could spend more time together. We were also able to see a few Aunts and Uncles that I haven't seen since we got married.
Two or so weeks later we hosted my families first family reunion. While it wasn't perfect, I'm hopeful that as we keep having them we will in time slowly create a reunion we ALL look foreword to attending. I was disappointed that some chose to leave before they could really see what Reno has to offer. I'm sorry if this offends some but this blog is a place for me to be honest about my feelings.
A month late, John had his knee replacement surgery. One thing I have learned is that when a family is going through a medical challenge it
Affects not only the sick person but the rest of the immediate family. I was criticized because it took me longer than one day to get caught up on my housework. All I can say is when I'm faced with one of the worst arthritis flare ups i have had since I got married that I will get stuff done it just might take me a while. So until you have been in my shoes don't criticize. Anyway getting back on track his surgery went well. He was in the hospital from Tuesday till Friday afternoon. He has done an amazing job with his PT and has been going to the gym as well. The therapist said he may be going too hard and that he may need to back off a bit. Not something he wanted to hear but we will do what we have to. He is out on disability until the beginning of December and it looks like he may stay out until January. He doesn't want to go back to work and reinjure himself. One thing I learned through all this is I know who to rely on when I need help, and my ward won't offer sad but true.
The rest of the summer has been spent focusing on getting John better. Doctors visits therapy making sure the house stays together. So that's our summer.
I have been working on trying to read the Book Of Mormon. I am doing a program 42 days to Christ and while its taken me longer than 42 days its one of the most amazing things I have done for myself. I also decided to really read the conference talks from the last conference and then the one we Just had when they come out. In a
Talk by Boyd K Packer he made a statement that brought comfort to my soul. He said while telling the story of a young couple he was talking to ," at least you want children, and that desire will weigh heavily in your favor I. Your earthly lives and beyond because it will provide spiritual and emotional stability. Ultimately, you will be much better off because you wanted children and could not have them, as compared to those who could but would not have children." I realized that I'm ok. I'm not going to be punished if despite all my efforts I'm unable to be a parent.
So that's what's going on with us. We love and miss all our friends and family.