Monday, October 24, 2011

Time for an Update

I realized after reading a few of the blogs I follow, especially those of family, that I haven't updated ours in a while. Theres lots going on so here we go. About a month ago John was released as the Ward Executive secretary and then we were both promptly called to be Ward missionaries. I told the bishop that I would accept but I wanted to keep teaching my primary class. Its where I want to be and for a variety of reasons Im not ready to go back to Relief Society yet. If you really want to know the story you can message me and I will fill you in. So anyway, because of Johns work schedule it has been me attending all the weekly meetings. So far I love it but its been getting harder to go to the meetings and making visits alone. So we will see. Im excited because one of the investigators the missionaries have been working with and a sister I have gone to visit a couple of times has decided to get baptised. Shes an amazing lady who is a single mom with 4 kids a couple of which are a handful. I know the gospel will bring great joy to her life and she will find a great support system in the church.
The other thing that has been going on is I decided with a little prodding from a good friend to join Weight Watchers. Its been a total lifestyle change but I have seen some great benefits, one of which is my sugars being the lowest they have been in a long time. So I have had to adjust one of my meds because the sugars were too low. So far with the help of the diet change and exercise I am down 6.6lbs I weigh in tomorrow so we will see. John has been a huge support on this journey and Im finding its a huge help.
John is getting busier and busier at work and is finding that the schedule hes working is draining him. He keeps applying for local jobs but so far nothing. So keep him in your prayers that we will know what to do career wise. He won't quit his current job till he gets a new one so don't worry about that.
So there you have it folks. Our lives are pretty normal and busy.