Thursday, February 21, 2013

Answered Prayers

About three weeks ago I felt prompted to apply for a job with one of our local hospital health systems. I  like a dummy put it off until last Wednesday. After we found out that John didn't get the job that looked good, I finally followed my promptings and applied for a couple of jobs. Thirty minutes after I applied online for the jobs I received a phone call from one of the recruiters called me and told me she wanted me to come in and interview for one or both of the positions I applied for. I set up an interview time for the next day, which was Valentines day. I got up got ready and headed for the interview. It went so well that the recruiter sent me for a second interview for the position I decided to go for. It was a panel interview with the supervisor and a couple of other people. I left both of them feeling really good. I knew I had done everything I could do to get the job.
Well today I got a call and was offered the job and I accepted it. It has the hours I wanted and benefits. It doesn't pay what John was making but it will help. I am truly humbled at the many blessings we have received over the past several months. Im grateful for my sisters. For the love, support and advice they have given. Im also grateful for all that Johns parents and my parents have done.
We still need prayers that John will soon be able to find a job and I know he will and that it will be one that will make him happy and that he can move up in.
One BIG lesson I learned was when you get a prompting from Heavenly Father to do something DO IT!

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  1. Congratulations! So glad you were able to follow a prompting and receive such a wonderful blessing!