Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have truely been blessed over the last couple of days. I have a true testimony that my father in heaven loves me and knows who I am and what I need. First off I have had difficulties getting my car tagged. Thankfully it looks like the last obstical has been overcome. Second, I have been looking for a job for the last couple of months. I have applied for four and found out today I got one of them. Its a job I know Heavenly Father blessed me with. Again because he knew what I needed at this point in my life. I feel truely humbled right now and very greatful for all the blessings I have been given.
My goal with this job is that once we purchase a bike for me and once it warms up I will be able to ride a bike to work. This may shock some of you but yes me not driving to work and its all my idea :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year

With the Christmas season approaching and my desire to decorate I finally was able to get all the way unpacked and to get our house decorated. I know some of you are wanting to see what our house looks like. Sadly the only pictures I have at the moment are from Christmas but I wanted to share because I loved how it all turned out. We had a wonderful Christmas. Johns parents were able to close on their house and made it up here in time to share the holiday with us. It was nice to have some family here especially since I have been pretty homesick. We had a wonderful Christmas.

The holiday was dampered with the passing of my grandpa. He died December 7th and I was able to attend his funeral and see my family which was nice. I was also able to go see the lights on Temple square with my cousins. I love christmas lights and being able to spend time with cousins I rarely get to see was a great joy. Especially my cousin Amy who I had not seen in three years. Through this grieving process I have learned that things are just things and that the most important things we can get from our loved ones is the memories and to spend time with them. Its sad to see what greed can to do people.

In other news Im in the hunt for a job. Hoping just for part time but will take full time. As my husband put it I need to get out of the house and go places other than the gym and the store, so we will see what happens. Also John started back to school this week. Hes taking two online classes so between that and work he should be pretty busy. I have begun my craft projects which keep me busy and entertained. I am also finding that getting married and changing your name brings on a lot more headaches than I think I like, and John can tell you its testing my patience..Something I need to work on.