Monday, May 31, 2010


Here are a couple of pictures from our cruise. I have posted many more on Facebook for you all to see. Also to my family back in Oklahoma I am sending a DVD with pictures on it to mom and dad as soon as I can get it together. To the rest of you well if you want to see more you have yet another reason to come visit. Let me start of by saying that noone should wait until retirement age to see this wonderful part of the country. Its amazing that there is so much of this great state that is untouched by human hands. There is so much rich history that Im so glad there are many people who are working to save it. We absolutely loved it and soaked it all in. Pictures just can't do the beauty justice.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun Facts.

So as some of you know I have been having trouble sleeping at night. One thing I have started doing to try to help this is to listen to podcasts at night. Two of the ones I listen to are from The other night I listened to one about the Vikings. I must admit I fell asleep shortly before the end but one fact I found interesting is that the Vikings didn't wear hats with horns as is depicted.
One other fun thing I have found while searching out podcats was the collection of CBS Mystery Radio Theater. I remember as a little girl listening to this from time to time in the car with my parents on KSL Radio. I don't know if the program was still on the air at that time or if itwas a replay but I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to those again as well. I also found a podcast that plays some of the old time radio great dective stories. It makes me wish we still had wholesome stuff like that today.
As for life with us we are busy. John more than me. I have enjoyed getting together with some of the ladies in our ward. On Tuesdays I go with a group to the movies. It has been fun to see some of the new releases. I will say that if you haven't seen The Clash of the Titans heres my recommendation. Don't pay the extra money to see it in 3D as most of the movie isn't even in 3D so you are only getting ripped off. John is still really busy with work and school. Hes taking 2 classes at a time and this time hes finding he has to read a lot and deal with a teacher with a crazy grading system. Fortunately he will be done by March of next year. I am still looking for a job and am staying positive. We are leaving on Saturday for our cruise to Alaska. Im excited to spend some time with some family in Seattle as well as seeing the beautiful country.