Monday, November 5, 2012

The newest member of our family

Meet Selena. Shes a Chihuahua/Mini Pin mix that weighs 8 pounds. She is very tiny but is full of energy which keeps Sophi active. She also has one of the sweetest personalities and is very loving. Shes not a super yippy dog that most Chihuahua's are which is nice. John and I had talked a lot about getting a second dog and had looked. We thought we had one we were going to meet but the organization who had her didn't make it convenient to see her. Then he found one dog named Ferguson who was similar to Sophi's breed but when we introduced the two of them the day after we met him we just didn't feel right about the match. That may not make sense but its the only way I can describe it. We talked to the volunteers and they suggested Selena. John bent over into the pen she was in and picked her up, then we walked the two girls and we just knew. So we adopted her. Having two dogs is a lot of work especially since Selena is an early riser to go out and do her business. She has her schedule which is go outside then come in and eat then play or sun her self then nap. That means that no matter how little sleep I got I'm up for the day.  Could this possibly be preparing me for parenthood? Who knows and before anyone assumes anything no I'm not making any kind of announcement about any little Zinnicks running around. LOL.
The only problem we have with her is that she is so small she fits through the slats on our fence. She does however listen and comes back when we call her. She's been a blessing to us at this time in our lives as we are facing some trials. We are so grateful we could give her a home. We strongly encourage anyone considering getting a pet to look at your local shelters because there are dogs and cats for any personalities. Selena is a perfect example. We were told she was a stray but after getting her home have found that she is housebroken and comes when shes called. So theres our plug for adopting pets. So far we are two for two

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