Friday, June 1, 2012

Finally an Update

I know I know, its been way too long since I wrote an update. I have been trying to do one for over a month, but I was hoping my wonderful husband would upload the pictures from our cruise so I could share. However that hasn't happened yet because well life has been a bit crazy and stressful for us.
At the end of April-first week of May we went on a Pacific cruise that took us from Los Angeles to Vancouver BC. We got a great deal and well we needed a vacation from everything. Phones Internet ect. John actually needed it more than I did but the time away was good for us both. We had a fantastic time. The weather was so so. It rained the day before we got to Astoria, OR and the day we were there and the day after. But we didn't let that ruin our vacation. We stopped in Astoria OR, Victoria BC, Nainamo BC and Vancouver. We decided that we could go back to the first three but Vancouver we are so so about. I would like to go back simply so John can see the Vancouver BC Temple.  I was blessed to be able to see it when my cousin went through for the first time and its a beautiful building. In Victoria we went to the Buchart (Im pretty sure I just spelled that wrong) Gardens and they are AMAZING. We were there for an hour and 45 minutes and honestly I could have spent the whole day there. John agrees. He was in total Heaven with his camera. So maybe a trip for a long weekend back to Victoria is in our future. In Nainamo we had the most amazing fish and chips. On the bus ride from the port to town, we were told there was a great small shack that was right on the water that had the best fish. Oh man was he right. John had the actual fish and chips. I had a Halibut Sandwich on a whole wheat bun. It was delicious. No breading and the cajun marinade was just right. They don't salt there fries which I realized I actually like them that way. It made the day. So our advice to you is if you are ever in Nainamo BC go find the fish place. I don't remember the name of it off hand but will post a picture with the name as soon as I get john to send it to me.
The other goings on include me no longer being in Primary. It was hard at first but I realized afterword that my job is to do my best to fellowship a few sisters in our ward that feel the same way I do. One of them is a new convert and she was become a good friend. We also decided that we need to go to the Gospel Principles class to help teach the new members. We went one Sunday for reasons i won't get into here and John said we need to keep going to this class. Its been rewarding and I feel like its helping me to build up courage to more freely share the gospel and to be able to share it more with Johns parents.
The other big news is that after much prayerful consideration, lots of discussion and visits with the doctor. John has decided to go ahead and have a Total Knee replacement on his right knee. He has been living with pain off and on for several years, however its become worse in the last year. In November he was referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon. The doctor who is amazing told him that he had two options. 1. Do nothing or 2 have the surgery. He told us John would know when the time was and when he was to come back. Several months later we are moving foreword. We don't have an exact surgery date yet but more than likely it will be the first part of June so that we can fully enjoy my families family reunion. There are lots of unknowns in all this but one thing I do know is that my Father in Heaven is aware of us. He knows what is best for us and if we put our faith in him he will take care of us and lead us in the direction that will help us be closer to him.

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