Sunday, October 4, 2009

19 days

So this past week saw a few milestones. First off the new supervisors they hired at work were so snobbish it gave me the push to put in my notice in at work. Coworkers think I should go work at the counter and I'm not ruling that out but trust me it will be a last option. One cool thing was the head of reservations told me that if I decided to work for Hertz again that he would put in a good word so that made me feel good. Second, my dress and vail are finished. Now I can get my bridals taken. YAY. I have 19 days left, have had three showers and have started doing the final packing. Im getting excited and John..Well he just wants it over with and have me there. There are still several little things I need to do but it will all get done in time. Im excited and nervous all at the same time, and I think its only going to get worse as the days fly by.

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  1. It's coming up! Glad you are able to get a lot accomplished!