Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Closer

So the big day is a week from this friday. My last day of work is one week from today. Interviews are all done, most of the prep is done and its just lose ends that have to be tied up. Im excited to see close family and friends that are making the sacrifice to come see me get married. It means more to me than I think they realize.
One bit of info. I decided for a number of reasons to not get bridals done. I may get them done just not until we take our wedding pictures. So if you were looking for a sneak peek at the dress sorry folks you will either have to come to the wedding or wait till I get around to posting pics.
Have a great day all


  1. I never had bridals done, just plain didn't have the money. If you end up not doing them, no worries, you'll have so many pretty pics from the wedding day you'll more than likely not care later on! :)

  2. I just did a few with Aaron when we did our pictures and it worked out perfectly. I'm so excited for you! Paul and I have been talking about it and how happy we are for you and John. Can't wait to be there next week!