Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1 Month and counting....

One month from today John and I will be married. Things are falling into place. The announcements have been sent out and so far we only have had two come back. What can I say I'm only one person. Last night I went to the temple and walked by the Sealing room John and I will be married in. Im so excited that I wish time would fly by. I am full of so many emotions right now. Im sad to leave my friends and family here but Im nervous about what lies ahead and the big change. Moving across the country is a big deal, but I can't wait to finally live in the same state and house for that matter as John.
My heart is full and there are no words to express the emotions I have right now so I won't. Time is flying by fast,but not fast enough.


  1. Awww... That makes me smile :)

  2. It goes by much faster than you think! We are so excited for you!