Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well, I moved one step closer today. I moved out of my apt, with the help of my parents and siblings and spouses. Thanks for the help. Moving no matter how you put it is a royal pain. Its amazing what you can accumulate over time. Both John and I have been working really hard to go through stuff getting rid of stuff we don't need ect. Now that I'm moved I can focus more on the wedding plans.
The wedding invite list for the most part is done. Theres a few people left to add but we have enough of a final count that we can start. The wedding cake and flowers are also ordered. Also mom has the stuff for my veil. YAY!!! Just small details left and believe it or not im not stressed.
I went to a wedding recption of a friend last night and let just say that Im SOOO ready to get married. John is wonderful and I miss him dearly.. Thanks for all you do. Also thanks to all my friends and family for the support you have given me so far. I could not do any of this with out you.


  1. I'm glad you got all moved. Like I told you, I would have been there to help if I could have! What a relief to have it done. Good luck with the rest of planning! Miss you and love you sis!

  2. Hi Jana, Lisa showed me your wedding blog. I hope you keep writing in it after you get married too. Did you move your things to Reno, or will you make another big move after the wedding?