Saturday, July 25, 2009

Three Months and Counting

I finally decided that I was way past due for an update. Things in my life are super crazy between trying to plan the wedding and pack up my apt and all the other day to day stuff that life requires. We are in the final stages of the list of who we are sending announcements to. I'm just waiting for my mom to decide who she wants to add. When oh when did I lose control of that one. What I thought would be a small list is growing rapidly. With the help of my sister in law Tiff (thank you thank you, thank you) The announcement design is finalized and all that's left is for them to be printed off cut and then put together. Anyone up for a putting together the wedding announcement party?
Also in the last couple of weeks the wedding and grooms cakes were ordered. The Grooms cake is a surprise for John. Yes he knows there's a Grooms cake he just has no clue what it looks like. Sorry honey. I promise you will LOVE it!! The cakes are being done by a friend I used to work with who did my sisters wedding. He does a great job and I'm excited.
I'm very grateful to have such wonderful friends and family who without I would not be able to pull all this off. You make my life easier. So a bit THANK YOU goes out to all of you.. A special thanks to the most wonderful man around. Thanks for your patience and for loving me and my craziness unconditionally. I know I don't make life easy sometimes.
Next up. The Vail has to be made and the dress altered. OH and the bridals. Hehe

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