Monday, December 17, 2012

Is there a Positive side to Unemployement?

Yes you read that right. John lost his job Friday. While the specifics aren't important, and well to be honest we are just tired of talking about it and dwelling on it. Today we decided to start to compile a list of the good things about John losing his job when he did. So heres what we have so far

1. He gets to grow his goatee back :) If you  know anything about me you know I LOVE when he grows facial hair.  No job at UPS means he can grow it back.

2. He will get to attend ALL three hours of Church on the Sunday before Christmas. Whats even better is we invited his parents to come watch the program in  Sacrament meeting which John and I are both participating in. Im excited because the program will be really good and is inspired. I told the sister who asked us to participate that she was inspired. I feel like Heavenly Father knew this was going to happen and wanted us to really live the spiritual side of this holiday season.

3. John doesn't have to work 16 days straight 12-14 hours each day until all hours of the night in the nasty weather.

4. We get to spend the entire holiday season together for the first time since we got married.

5. Not going to bed alone waiting for him to get home.

6. Being able to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Its not about the gifts. This is only something you really get when you make the conscious decision to not buy gifts for each other but instead others, and really putting thought into those gifts.

7. John being able to allow his knee more time to heal. One of the issues we have had since October with both the Insurance company and UPS is them wanting him to return to work before both he and the doctor felt he should.  We noticed tonight that all of the swelling has gone down in his knee and you can actually feel his kneecap.

Im sure we will think of more later. We have been truly blessed in many small ways. It has testified to us that Heavenly Father is looking out for us. Bills that should have been higher were significantly lower, and we found cheaper insurance than COBRA that we may go with if everything works out. We ask for continual prayers that we are able to find job or jobs (if its Heavenly Fathers will) that will allow us to meet the goals we have as a family.
One last note.. Its REALLY Ok for you to no longer use UPS. :)

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  1. Best wishes as John searches for a different job! I love the way you are looking at the bright side! :) xoxo