Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Challenging January

This month has seemed like one very long month. The challenges started at the end of December when our dog got the doggie flu. Who knew dogs could get the stomach flu. Sophi got diarrhea Christmas day. She wouldn't eat and barely drank. This went on until Tuesday night when we realized she had blood coming out with her poo..(yes I know gross). Well if you know my husband then you know that his family and pets are his life. It has only been a year since we had to put our beloved Cheyenne down. We got concerned because in Sophis paper work it said that when she was rescued and put into the shelter in Las Vegas that they Vets thought she had Parvo. So Wednesday morning John told me we had to take her to the vet. So I called and then off we went. I got worried when I got there and they immediately put us into a room because of her symptoms. The vet came in and said the main concern was she had a blockage so we had to leave her so they could x-ray her. Well several hours later and no phone calls, John headed to the vets office and was told they didn't know what was wrong but thought it was probably a bug..He gave her a shot and sent us home with some medications. Once I got her home she was her old self. We have had to cut her diet so she can lose weight..Yes mommy and Sophi are on a diet. Sophi hates it more than mommy..HAHA
The next challenge is one for me that has been on going. I have had a hard time getting really close to people here and finding the dear friendships I had in Oklahoma. I have a few people I am very close with but after some events, I have a hard time trusting people. I find that my Heavenly Father knows me and knows when I need a reminder. I love working with the kids in church. Their sweet spirits and unconditional love help boost me every week and for that I am grateful. In the midst of all this, and because we haven't had snow and its been warm, I decided to take a drive to Sacramento to see my friend Sabrina. That was the best thing I could have done. It totally gave me the boost to my spirit that I needed.
Johns job has presented some challenges as of late. While we waited to see exactly what would happen we prayed to our Father in Heaven that he would guide us in the direction we need to go. While the journey the last couple of weeks was nerve-racking, in the end we had our prayers answered. While the recent changes in his job mean more responsibility, I know that this experience will help John shine.
I am grateful for the inspiring women in my lives. Some live here in the Reno area others live out of state, one clear across the country. I am grateful for the examples they are, even though they don't realize it. So to you I say Thank you!

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