Friday, July 15, 2011


John called the sleep center Tuesday to see if by chance they had had any cancellations so he could get in earlier to have his followup and therefore get his cpap machine. Well as luck (and an answer to many many prayers) would have it, they did and we were able to see the doctor Wednesday at 8:30 am. It turns out John has severe apnea. The doctor said he stops breathing 68 times per hour. She said she would fax the order for the cpap machine to the company that our insurance works with and that they would call us to set up an appointment to get the machine. Well an hour after we got home they called and John was able to get it that day. Needless to say both of us have been sleeping very well since. We are very greatful for the answered prayers. It will be nice to have a husband that doesn't go around looking like a zombie

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