Thursday, October 7, 2010


I know its been a while since I have posted anything, for that I apologize. First off I'm so excited to have my mom here for a while. Not having family near by has been difficult and I'm so greatful she came..Dad thanks for allowing her to be gone so long. I only wish both parents could be here but thats ok. Second as most of you know I was recently put in as the first counselor in the relief society. Usually I would be in charge of the teachers but the president decided to do things different so I'm in charge of Relief Society Nights..Formerly known as Enrichment nights. We had our first one as a new presidency tonight. I prayed and prayed about it and stressed over it. I knew the theme we were supposed to do and was trying to think of someone to teach it and just felt like I was supposed to do it.
The theme we chose was Be Prepared. I decided to focus on Emergency Car kits and 72 hour kits. I was amazed at the amount of very helpful information I was able to find online. I narrowed it down..put a lesson together along with handouts and a quiz to see how prepared each family was. I even had John help me put together an emergency car kit and asked my president to bring her 72 hour kit. I must say that with Heavenly Fathers help it went off amazingly well. The sisters had a great time and learned something as well. Oh and Dinner was yummy too..Soups salad and bread..I made with my moms help Chicken Curry Rice soup..YUM and it made me miss my family who are far away..
I hope to get pictures up of my new guest room soon. I can't do it now because my moms staying there but I promise to post some of that room and our office.. Its nice to finally feel like I have a home...
Now if I could just find that missing key.....


  1. How ironic, I was just about to email you for info on that (car emergency kits) because I've been meaning to put one together and I remembered that you had one in your trunk years ago! You think you could email me that lesson? I have no idea where to start!!! It's really overwhelming :/

    Glad everything is going well, you'll be great at your calling. The Lord wouldn't have put you there otherwise! I bet you will do great things for that ward and the ladies in it!

    Have fun with your mom, I know what you mean... I'm so grateful for the time I have to spend with my parents this week and next. :)

  2. I can email you all the stuff I did. Handout and everything. I had a blast putting it together..